Bauer NDT X3000AXray Inspection Machine:-

BGA is the Ball grid array is most commonly used in every part of the world for the repair of the printed circuit board (PCB) and the microprocessor. We have another best machine with the name of Bauer NDT X3000A X-ray inspection machine with a Ray source utilizing 100KV, incredible detection comes about apply to PCBA solder joint assessment; electronic connectors; solar photovoltaic, semiconductors, electronic parts; foods, medicines and LED; recognize little metal castings and different areas also this is more accurate and an automatic machine that helps us to perform out tasks very easily. Below are the specifications of this X-Ray inspection machine.

It is a high definition and a high resolution digital video imaging system and with a very high adjustable display and operating platform with a versatile loading platform can be rotated 360 degrees with automatic lift tick marks. It also has an optional 130KV closed tube fluorescent tubes with small metal casting industry to meet the application very easily. Its software design is really user friendly and with a simple interface it becomes easier to operate with a mouse control but it has a high cost but according to the benefits it provides it is not costly.




NDT X-Ray Inspection Equipment is made to investigate BGA , void and separation on PCB and it has a high and more proficient X-Ray tube than whatever available machine and it is exceptionally outline for the individuals who need to assess the BGA and it is more protected to utilize. This machine is industrial class and more acceptable in everywhere you want to handle the issues as it provides a split screen technology for 100% accurate placement of BGA chips.

Below are a few specifications of this Bauer NDT X3000AXray inspection machine:

•    Its dimensions are 940*1504*1630 mm with a weight of 926KGand a power supply of Single phase AC  110~230V/50~60HZ and you can operate it by keyboard/mouse/navigation positioning.
•    It has WINDOWS XP Professional computer system with a 2GB memory and Intel Pentium system and results by applying Testable Weight of sample of 5kg and the camera spec are Image Intensifier and Digital CCD 25 frames/m
•    The X-Ray Tube is a closed tube with a focal spot of 5um also X-Ray tube Voltage is 100 KV and a Magnification of 125(Geometric)/1200(System). Its Image Resolution is 10 LP/CM (light pair per cm) and area of the image is 460mm*370mm
•    It is an Automatic scanning navigation and set the counting of BGA Auto Inspection, measurement and bubble also the Temperature, Humidity is 0-30°C 10-90%

Dead sheets respect find the sweet spot of the top warmer, Start a couple of test runs on none esteem PCB’s.  Use alternate 1 or 2 temperature sensors; position them around the BGA chip to discover the sweet spot.  Make beyond any doubt you generally layer the close of the thermocouple with flux for an exceptional exact perusing.  Make beyond any doubt if working with supports you generally secure them down with a PCB backing to quit twisting.


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