Bauer RW-SV550 BGA Rework Station:-

BGA (Ball Grid Array) is the technology most commonly use in the today’s world, more useful and more improved technology providing the best results for the industry in making,  repairing and reballing of the PCB (Printed Circuit board) of electronics devices. Array substrate based bundling speaks to one of the quickest developing territories in the semiconductor bundling market and is utilized principally within processing stages, systems administration, mobile devices, remote specialized units, individual advanced collaborators, home electronic mechanisms and video games. BGA packages were initially made as an answer with issues connected with the undeniably high lead numbers needed for propelling semiconductors utilized as a part of requisitions, for example, convenient machines and wireless connections. As the amount of leads encompassing the combined circuits expanded, high lead number bundles encountered huge electrical shorting issues. BGA innovation tackled this issue by adequately making leads on the bottom surface of the bundle as solder balls.


There are a range of BGA machines and BGA rework stations are now readily available in the markets that are more useful for different types of reworks. BGA is basically used for the reworking of the motherboard and the microprocessor of the different devices like the smart phones, PCs, Laptop, XBOX, play station, MP3 and 4 players and many others according to the type of reworking require. If someone wants to use it for the repairing he needs to choose the best BGA reworking station according the type of repairing he need to perform. Bauer RW-Sv550 BGA rework station is the best answer for the reworking issue and is an auto pick and place BGA rework station that is the best one of the accessible alternatives in the business it is a recently advanced machine that is best suitable for the modifying issues we are confronting in nowadays and I am confident that you truly like the working of this rework station since it is a full automatic BGA machine and is the main answers for the revising issues we are facing in our reworking and  here I have a little detail of this machine.

Bauer RW-SV550 BGA rework station goes hand in hand with 7.2 inch high definition touch screen and a Color optical support with limits, for instance, fractional vision, zooms in and micro change, self changes and menu operation, can work with max up to 70×70 mm PCB it is provided by differing hot air nozzles customizable and easy to restore. Hot air heating head and mounting head are illustrated 2 in 1, dictated by step electric motor and have both the auto fixing and mounting limit moreover three warmers upper and more level hot air radiator, lowest part IR radiator warming independently, now is the perfect time and temperature  could be demonstrated digitally on touch screen.

Upper header is movable, accommodating for operation furthermore tremendous adaptable base IR warming extent and PCB snaps could be equalized in addition to X & Y table versatile to the max PCB size it can manage up to 550*500mm, Powerful cross stream fans cool the lowest part warming zone rapidly with stable pace. Embedded present day PC, touch screen interface, PLC control, progressing profile show provided to show set profile and 5 for all purposes and reason attempted profile meanwhile it can explore the five fundamentally attempted profiles by method of shade LCD screen. Its profile saving is vast in the present day PC. Suction nozzles can recognize material and mounting stature promptly, and can control the pneumatic drive inside a bit go of 30 to 50g. It is outfitted with different hot air spouts, easy to relocate and fit to discover in any plot.


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